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Monumental complex of the Old Cathedral and King's Castle - La Suda


A visit to the monumental complex atop the Turó de la Seu Vella offers wonderful views of the city from the Snake's Tongue Bastion or the Queen's Bastion.

The Old Cathedral can be reached by car or on foot from Carrer Sant Martí, entering the walled compound via the Gate of the Lion, or otherwise by lift from Plaça de Sant Joan through the Gate of Sant Andreu.

The Old Cathedral, also known as the "Castle of Lleida", is undoubtedly the most distinctive landmark of the city.A remarkable cathedral which was built on the top of a hill from which can be seen not only the city but also much of the district of Segrià and the plains of Lleida. Construction began in 1203 and continued up until 1431, when the bell tower was completed. According to historians, the Old Cathedral was built on the site of a Muslim mosque, with construction being overseen by Pere de Coma. Work began by building the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, with a three-nave Latin cross basilica layout, consecrated for worship in 1278.

The key features inside include the sculptures in the naves, notable for the stylistic influence of Tuscany, Toulouse and Provence, illustrating the different workshops employed on the site over the course of the 13th century, while also revealing traces of Gothic era mural paintings.Following the consecration of the church in the last third of the 13th century, work continued uninterrupted throughout the 14th century to complete the cloister. During that same century construction work began on the bell tower, which was finished in 1431.

The Old Cathedral now forms part of the 1714 War of the Spanish Succession Route.

For further information: Consortium of the Turó de la Seu Vella, Lleida


The Canonry


canonjaAccess to the Old Cathedral is via The Canonry, the name given to the set of buildings which housed the canons who made up the cathedral chapter.

There are various buildings here built progressively over the course of the second half of the 12th century and up to the 16th century, with remains having been uncovered of the early Church of Santa Maria l'Antiga, a number of chapels, the Almshouse, the Chapterhouse, the Archive, the Deaconry and the Vault House.

The gateways


porta-canonjaThe gateway to the Canonry, the current entrance to the cathedral, is accompanied by others of great artistic value, such as the Gateway of the Annunciation (C. 13th), the Gateway of Fillols (13th-14th), Sant Berenguer (12th), the Apostles (14th-15th) and the three cloister gateways (13th), shining examples of the School of Lleida.

The bell tower


campanarseuvella200px.jpgThe oldest bells date from the 15th century: Silvestra, which chimes the hours, and Mònica, which chimes the quarters. The five remaining bells are electrically operated (C. 20th) and are used for religious ceremonies: Bàrbara, Puríssima, Crist, Marieta and Meuca.

The cloister


claustre-seu-vellaDating from the 14th century, it has a rectangular layout and is located at the western end. The naves are divided into five sections with ogival vaults and great stained-glass windows offering remarkable views, as this is an open cloister.

The King's Castle - La Suda


castell-rei-sudaOutpost of the last Caliph of Cordoba, and the birthplace of the Crown of Aragon, the castle bore witness to the oaths of loyalty sworn by the Catalan and Aragonese noblemen to the young Prince James (later King James I the Conqueror).

Just some of the historical events which the Castle of La Suda or King's Castle has played host to over the years. Key episodes, then, in the history of Lleida, of Catalonia, and indeed of the whole of Spain have been played out in this building positioned at the very hilltop of the Turó de la Seu Vella in Lleida, crowning what is known as the Sovereign Rock.

A privileged and strategic location safeguarded by a castle of Moorish origin for which records date back to 822 AD, and which was restored to the city of Lleida in 2011 thanks to the La Suda Visitor Centre. The centre, located in the castle throne room, features a museum section with information panels and an audiovisual projection (on screens and on the wall) recounting the building's history.

The cultural facilities are supplemented by a viewing terrace, which is the highest accessible point in the city for disabled people, thanks to the new lift located on the northern side of the hill.


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