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Green spaces


Lleida city centre is home to a number of unique green spaces in terms of their size and huge ecological value.

The market garden


Arriving in the city of Lleida, with the outline of the Old Cathedral in the background (the city's key landmark), we are met by the market garden, a green belt surrounding the city.

Far from losing its identity, Lleida's market garden maintains much of its natural, farming flavour, and has undergone a spectacular adaptation to the conveniences of modern life.

The river park


A stroll along the avenue running parallel to the left bank of the River Segre reveals the grandeur of the city's facade: the Montepio Building, the Central Casino, the Sala Cristòfol, the Casa Melcior, the neoclassical facade of City Hall and the Pal•les building, overlooked by the Old Cathedral.

The Camps Elisis


This public area is home to such notable buildings as the Cafè Xalet and the Templet de la Música, both in the fin de siècle style, and the Aquàrium, a modernist brick building decorated with glazed tiles and engraved joists. Sculpture exhibitions are a notable feature of the gardens.

La Mitjana


La Mitjana is a remarkable green space around the edges of the city. It is a riverside wetland covering an area of some 90 ha, classified as a site of natural interest since 1979. The key element of the area is water. It has a microclimate which has allowed a leafy riverside woodland to develop. Poplar, white poplar, alder and ash; shrubs such as osier, tamarisk and bramble, along with a herbaceous layer filled with duckweed, bullrushes, reeds, lilies and rushes make up the local flora. Fauna is another noteworthy aspect of La Mitjana. Given their habits, birds are particularly easy to spot. The water-filled areas are home to mallards, moorhens, gulls, egrets and grey herons. A number of birds of prey also overfly the area, such as the marsh harrier, the sparrowhawk, and even the osprey. Amphibians and reptiles are represented by the viperine snake, marsh frog and toad. The area also provides a habitat for fish such as the barbel and pike, and mammals including wild boar and foxes. La Mitjana is the perfect place to stroll, engage in sport and observe the flora and fauna.

Arborètum - Botanical garden


The botanical garden of Lleida meets five hundred specios of trees and shrubs.

Enric Farreny, 144
25198 Lleida

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