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La Llotja de Lleida

Architectural project


La Llotja is a monolithic construction, subdivided into three functional levels allowing it to serve different purposes.

The central level is the interconnecting core, linking up the various programmes by means of the central stairway/ramp, which also provides illumination.

The building is divided into six floors, two of them underground and another four above ground. The underground floor is used as a car park, with parking for 471 vehicles.

The above-floor storeys house the following areas: entrance lobby, multifunctional room, main auditorium, two convention halls, seating 400 and 200 people respectively, a main and side foyer, business centre and two VIP lounges.

The plan was designed by the architectural practice Mecanoo, based in Delft, Netherlands.



The building rises in a great architectural body establishing a visual dialogue with the old town and its cathedral.

It occupies as small an area as possible on the ground floor to provide more open leisure space for the city. The site has been transformed into a square hosting open-air initiatives such as the staging of theatre performances and other events visible from the stepped seating covering the annexed Mercolleida building programme.

The semi-outdoor space beneath the huge overhangs, devised in formal terms to offer shade on hot days and shelter when it rains, fulfil a number of different functions: main entrance and box office.

The main entrance serves to draw the public in beneath this overhang, taking the form of a vertical slit inviting visitors into the heart of the building. From this central point all of the building's functions are linked up.

The overhang gives the flexibility required for any combination of events, such as conventions, exhibitions, theatre performances, meetings, trade fairs... It interconnects all the elements of the building around a large foyer surrounding the building on the upper floor, while maintaining the independence of each unit. It also provides different entrance points to the auditoriums.

Auditorium 1. Ricard Viñes Hall


Auditorium 1 is designed to offer optimum acoustic quality and a perfect visual perspective from any location. An auditorium equipped with the latest audiovisual technology, designed to fulfil to perfection any of its functions: theatre, cinema, conventions, conferences, congresses... A hall covering an area of 852 m2 with seating for 1000.

There are two entrances, via the ground floor lobby or from the main foyer on the second floor. This offers an unimpeded view of the old town, capped by the Old Cathedral.

The dark, almost black interior counterpoints the stage lighting, avoiding any undesired reflections. All that stands out is the red of the seating.



Teatre de la Llotja de Lleida
Av. de Tortosa, 6-8
25005 Lleida
Tel. (34) 973 22 11 55


La Llotja Theatre Programme


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