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Where to buy

Lleida is the great commercial capital of inland Catalonia.

Free parking
Some establishments offer their customers cards that allow them to park free of charge in the “Blue Zone” and other parking areas close to the city’s shopping districts.

Tax Free
For tourists who live outside the European Union.

Shopping zones

The main shopping zone and retail centre par excellence and is particularly notable for the number of exceptional monuments in the area. More than 450 shops are located along a pedestrian street two and a half kilometres long. In addition, the Zona Alta district combines a wide range of restaurants and leisure centres with modern, top-quality shopping, and many of the city’s most exclusive fashion boutiques are located here. Other lively shopping areas include Cappont, Escorxador, Pardinyes, Ronda, Balàfia and Bordeta.


In addition to daily markets (Cappont Balàfia and Fleming), Lleida has a lot of markets. Rambla de Ferran market takes place avery Sunday and is dedicated to antiquities. On Thursday and Saturday a market dedicated to fruits, vegetables, clothes and households. Also, the first Sunday of each month (except in August) takes place a market called "de l'Hort a Taula" based on local products sold by producers. Finally, at Christmas there are very attractive markets such as the Handicraft and Santa Llúcia market.


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